• ottotredici logo

    the 813 ottotredici brand was founded in 2008 by an intuition of annalisa and the technical skills of paolo panerai. together they took care of the hand printing, cutting, finishing and hand washing of the scarves. they have developed a unique softener for the scarves that makes them inimitable in their softness and fragrance.

  • adhoc logo

    an Italian outerwear brand with a strong connection to travel, nature, and fashion. they portray the soul of the brand and the dream of the two founders. the result is a “timeless outerwear concept” with a great focus on the quality of the materials, details, and forms.

  • Campomaggi logo

    marco campomaggi: artist, sculptor and handbag designer pays homage to the boho fashion genre with his collection of hand-crafted bohemian bags and accessories, all produced by tuscan artisans.

  • Controfigura Collection logo

    select italian artisans create these exclusive vintage inspired designs handprinted on their silk ready-to-wear and accessories collection from the producers of ottotredici. @controfigura_vitae

  • De Siena

    desiena shoes is a handmade Italian womenswear sandal collection, created for a contemporary woman who is taking care of the world and her environment.

  • Emanuele Maffeis logo

    the company founded in bergamo in 1958 by emanuele maffeis, who enjoyed the legacy of generations of knowledge and resulted in the creation of a shirt of the highest quality within the tradition of the Italian textile industry.

  • Emanuele Maffeis logo

    historical italian cashmere designer fissore introduces their new edge hand knitted, vintage-washed luxe cashmere collection.

  • gallery dept logo

    gallery dept. is based in los angeles, california. their goal is to create compelling product without sacrificing quality or artistic integrity. they believe in creating unique experiences, like combining vintage with streetwear. their philosophy is simple: collaborate, create, and rebel.

  • In Bed With You logo

    in bed with you innovates from traditional production using multi-color vintage inspired prints. the beauty of imperfection, same mechanism, same will. 'reversible' is the main word at the base of the brand’s philosophy.

  • Le's

    Le’s is an Italian brand of mixed textures and prints. Each product is like a unique and inimitable piece of art.

  • Local logo

    local is a female created, boho inspired collection, designed in Italy and hand-made in india by local artisans. organic and sustainable hand-knitted wool, cotton and feather-light gauze embroidered by hand is the essence of local.

  • Lorenza Gandaglia logo

    the bags are entirely hand-crocheted in florence, Italy by extremely skilled artisans. no bags are identical, each is one-of-a-kind.

  • Maison Bettina Duncan logo

    the bettina duncan collection features hand made charms and pendants of 14kt gold and antiqued silver, set with diamonds and natural gemstones. each stone is chosen for its natural beauty and the power of its spiritual and healing enhancement.

  • Melissa Kritsotakis logo

    former roberto cavalli designer melissa kritsotakis specializes in unique and feminine resort wear. her clothing is soft, flowing; sexy, elegant - aiming to enhance the wearer's natural beauty. all pieces are made from the finest silk and hand-dyed in her west hollywood atelier.

  • Monica Nera Logo

    monica nera's collections are nobly minimalistic, functional and timeless. each piece is handmade in warsaw, poland. they are being kept in "slow fashion mode" due to the quality and timelessness of their designs.

  • Nimbu

    nimbu is an ancient and contemporary brand founded in 2003 in italy. specializing in rare fabrics and precious embroideries, the brand began as a line of accessories, expanding to a complete elegant collection handmade in india.

  • Original Madras Logo

    while continuing the initial trade and supply side of the business, o.m.t.c has recently started the new project of making a range of clothing using exclusively hand-woven cloth. true to the spirit of prison’s grandfather the hand-loom project is a way to remind people of the rich origin story of madras textiles: the deep ties to both american and indian societies and their two contrasting yet complimentary cultures.

  • Palorosa Logo

    palorosa is a lifestyle brand that started with a series of tote bags inspired by guatemala city and the country’s landscape. the project evolved from a desire to rethink and repurpose a utilitarian object by using innovative colors and shapes and recycled materials.

  • Parker Blue logo

    each parker blue piece is handmade in nepal by local artisans, using 100% organic cashmere and vegetable dyes. a portion of parker blue proceeds go towards the happy children foundation, which focuses on permanantly taking children off the streets and out of slavery.

  • Peninsula Swimwear

    inspired by the 60's and 70's wardrobe of famed italian film director luchino visconti, uncle of peninsula founder edoardo pasolini - intricately designed swimwear and light seaside clothing, all hand tailored in italy.

  • Botto Giuseppe Pin 1876 logo

    giuseppe botto poala, affectionately nicknamed "pin" by his family, established a cashmere mill in 1876 in valle mosso in the province of biella. skill, craftsmanship and research all converge in the "pin1876" collection, which offers its own take on contemporary sustainable life through the certainty of an authentic and inimitable heritage.

  • Sonya Ooten logo

    sonya ooten is a los-angeles-based jewelry artist working with precious metals, textiles, gemstones and pearls. favoring techniques not typically used in designer jewelry, sonya crochets, weaves and wraps gemstones in unique ways to create jewelry that is immediately recognizable as her own.

  • Temptation Positano logo

    temptation positano is a fully hand-made collection from positano, italy. each piece is patiently made by local artisans who aim to preserve the sartorial craft, where nature leaves people to imbibe themselves with heady smells and colors..

  • Ten Dresses

    ten dresses was born in bologna, is made in italy and india, and is inspired by the tradition of indian embroidery. the collection combines the style of the east with a cosmopolitan mood.

  • Yavi

    Yavï is a fashion and accessories label. Conceived, to journey through, the transformation of the art of indigenous textile making, into soulful products, each closely knit to a warm story. The label’s conscience lies, in using traditional hand-crafting and hand-painting techniques. Evolving them to create a state-of-the-art aesthetic in worn impressionism; which brings formidable substance and value to the brand.